Calcium Peroxide Market Trends and Growth Factors Analysis 2026

Calcium Peroxide Market: Overview

Calcium peroxide is a form of inorganic peroxide that undergoes decomposition when it comes in contact of hydrous material to release oxygen. Its chemical formula CaO2 and is referred to as calcium dioxide and calcium superoxide. Calcium peroxide is a pale yellow and odorless compound. It is found in powdered or granular forms. Calcium peroxide possesses bleaching, disinfecting, and deodorizing characteristics and is widely used in food, agrochemicals, and personal care industries.

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Calcium Peroxide Market: Segmentation

Based on type, the calcium peroxide market can be segmented into food grade, industrial grade, and others. The food grade segment accounts for a key share of the global market. Demand for food grade calcium peroxide is increasing due its growing usage in bakery products. Calcium peroxide in primarily used in bakery products as it strengthens the gluten wall in dough and improves texture, moisture retention, and yield.

In terms of function, the calcium peroxide market can be segregated into seed disinfectants, bleaching agents, oxidizing agents, intermediary chemicals, and others. The oxidizing agents segment accounted for a significant share of the global market. Calcium peroxide is an effective oxidizing agent and is used as a processing aid or dough conditioner in the production of yeast-leavened bakery products. Calcium peroxide-based agrochemicals stimulates the aerobic microbial degradation of hydrocarbons in contaminated groundwater and soil. Such agrochemicals offer extended oxygen release for enhanced aerobic bioremediation. Calcium peroxide is also used as a whitening agent in toothpastes.

Based on end-use industry, the calcium peroxide market can be divided into food & beverages, agrochemicals, personal care, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paper & pulp, and others. The food & beverages segment held a major share of the global market. Calcium peroxide is widely used as a dough conditioner in preparation of bakery products. Use of calcium peroxide in bakery products improves handling or machinability of the dough and increases its water absorption capacity. Therefore, use of calcium peroxide is projected to increase in the food & beverage segment during the forecast period.

Calcium Peroxide Market: Regional Outlook

In terms of geography, the global calcium peroxide market can be classified into North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Middle East & Africa. The market in Asia Pacific is anticipated to expand at a rapid pace due to growth in population and rise in disposable income of consumers. Moreover, Asia Pacific accounted for a dominant share of the global market in 2017 due to the presence of large food manufacturers and processors in the region. Demand for calcium peroxide has increased owing to rapid industrialization and growth in paper & pulp industry, especially in countries such as China and India. Increase in adoption of agrochemicals in farms, which use calcium peroxide as oxidizing agents, is anticipated to drive the calcium peroxide market in Asia Pacific during the forecast period. North America and Europe constitute large share of the global calcium peroxide market owing to the increase in demand for calcium peroxide in the personal care industry.

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Calcium Peroxide Market: Key Players

Key players operating in the global calcium peroxide market include American Elements, Carus Group Inc., Kingsfield Inc., Mahalaxmi Enterprise, Nikunj Chemicals, Noshly Pty. Ltd., PeroxyChem, Shangyu Jie Hua Chemical Co., Solvay SA, STP CHEM SOLUTIONS CO., Ltd., and Zhengzhou Huize Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. These players focus on engaging in various supplier programs to maintain their inventories and cater to the growing demand for calcium peroxide.

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