Subsea Power Grid Market Set to Record Exponential Growth by 2025

Offshore oil and gas exploration activities need failsafe power supply and in massive quantities at that. This has increased the reliance of exploration companies on subsea power grids, creating a profitable window of opportunities for companies in the subsea power grid market. This report studies the other high-impact drivers that will prompt greater investments in subsea power grids, thus helping the market grow rapidly. The energy requirements of deepwater exploration operations are especially high and critical considering that these operations are typically carried out in harsh conditions.

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The growth of the global subsea power grid market is expected to run parallel to that of offshore oil exploration activities across the world. For the purpose of this study, the global subsea power grid market has been segmented based on the source of power generation, components used in the power grid, and geography. By power grid components used, the market has been segmented into variable speed drives, subsea transformers, and switchgears. Likewise, based on the source of power generation, the market has been divided into wind power, captive power, and other sources (mainly tidal).

From the standpoint of geography, markets in the following regions are studied: Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, and Rest of the World.

Overview of the Global Subsea Power Grid Market 

The report projects healthy growth for the global subsea power grid market through the current decade. According to the report’s authors, the increased pace of offshore oil and gas exploration activities in Latin America and Africa are expected to provide a massive push to the overall subsea power grid market. A look at the current market dynamics reveals that exploration companies are currently exploring investment opportunities to invest in power supply solutions for offshore, deepwater locations.

On the subject of market drivers, the report notes that depleting onshore oil and gas reserves have compelled companies to look at offshore reserves – this is expected to augur well for the subsea power grid market. Moreover, the deployment of renewable energy sources at offshore locations improves the feasibility of supplying power through subsea power grids, acting as a driver for the global subsea power grids market.

The report predicts that the growth of the subsea power grid market in North America will grow only marginally but the scenario in Latin America and Africa will be contrasting given the frenzied drilling and exploration activities occurring here. In Europe, as well, investments are flowing into the oil and gas sector in Norway. Ambitious offshore wind farm projects in Europe will also support the growth of the subsea power grid market in this region.

Even so, growth could be hampered by the high operational risks involved in deploying, maintaining, and upgrading subsea power grids. This factor also adds to the cost of deploying subsea power grids, acting against the market’s growth.

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Companies Profiled in the Report 

The report on the subsea power grid market carries a competitive analysis by profiling the following companies: FMC Technologies Inc., Cameron International Corporation, Aker Solutions ASA, Technip SA, Siemens AG, and General Electric Company.

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